Juno Jar Magic

Juno Jar Magic

From 2017 – 2022, I spent an inordinate amount of time immersed in the dynamics of wealth, power, and desire, specifically from a communitarian, non-hierarchical lens. During this window, I served a comprehensive apprenticeship and became a high priestess to the Roman-Carthaginian goddess of collective wealth, community + relationships, and fecund desire, Juno, the Emerald Bull of Heaven.

I proceeded to spend most of 2023 on sabbatical, being nurtured back to life in solitude with the devotion and support of a big-hearted husband, after a different initiation ritual was disrupted by a violent incident that left me more or less unable to do magic for a year and some change, on the tailend of a prolonged bout with significant spirit sickness + chronic illness flare-up.

It's been decidedly unglamorous behind-the-scenes adventure, so I will spare you the details. But the recovery process unearthed a trove of radically luxurious riches I am keen to now share and that has resulted in the resurrection of my Juno Jar work with a new sparkle and shine.

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Thriving Ecosystems of Wealth & Prosperity

My Juno Jars are communal magical rites – facilitated through the creation + care of a magical vessel (where it gets its name!) – that is intended to feed and foster communal wealth (well-being) & prosperity (well-doing), as manifested through the lives of its participants.

The creation/ritual process is as follows:

  1. Working with my colleague & friend, Emily Sorlien of Queen of Bones Tarot, we start by identifying significant and beneficial astrological transits for me & my business in terms of sales, financial growth, and well-being.

  2. From those windows of time, we use electional astrology – the astrology of auspicious timing for specific events – the same method that our favourite materia magica purveyors, Sphere + Sundry, utilize! – to identify optimal astrological weather for consecrating a Juno Jar. This gives me a sense of the unique signature of each jar, so I can prepare magica medica to amplify the favourable qualities and to mitigate the not-so-great ones of the astrological weather.

  3. Once I have the election nailed down, I start preparing the materials for the vessel. These are sweetening vessels informed by Afro-Diasporic & Jewish folk magical knowledge and traditional healing conventions, as well as 'Western' astrological herbalism, as guided by the collective Well & Elevated Ancestors of the participants, and of course, Juno Herself. At the time of the ritual, each participant is included with a general petition that features their name & birth information in order to 'link' the work to them + their embodied life.

  4. The day/time of the election, the Juno Jar vessel is enlivened + seated with the ancestral intelligence of Juno to give it more potency and oomph. Then, through the vessel, I work with participants' Well & Elevated Ancestors to coordinate, mend, and (re)weave their collective fate patterns in service of the well-being & well-doing of all participants and the world at large.

  5. A ritual report is prepared + a copy of my Wealth + Power Playbook is shared with the participants, who are instructed to present any specific aspirations and requests to Gd/Creation, Juno, and/or their Well & Elevated Ancestors for support in the flow of this work.

  6. For 12 lunar months after that initial ritual, the Juno Jar vessel is fed consistently with my weekly prayerful focus, as well as being further empowered by monthly offerings I make to Juno as its patroness & spiritual benefactor. I also encourage participants to work with their Benefic, Well & Elevated Ancestors to bring them opportunities that enable the magic to flow throughout all areas of their life more consistently.

My Juno Jar Magic is about becoming a grounded, sustained + sustainable, well-fed vessel for communal wealth (well-being) & prosperity (well-doing) to flow through.

My approach to this magic is inherently anarchist + anticapitalist in nature, leveraging community, generosity, and power redistribution to sustain and expand the reach + potency of the ritual work. Participants are supported in fostering their own thriving survival within our current oppressive landscape, while also creating space for + inviting and aligning to opportunities to dream beyond the limiting assumptions kyriarchal capitalist power structures create for us. Even as we confront the reality that we must be within this oppressive world in the short-term, we must find a way to martial our resources to care for ourselves and one another sustainably, so that we can resist buying into or investing in its assumptions + arguments for the long-term.

As a result, I am VERY specific about using the language of wealth & prosperity, and not money, cash, riches, abundance, etc. Roots are a preoccupation of my life + spiritual practice (helloooooooo 4th house stellium in Scorpio!), and the etymological root of wealth and prosperity allude to states of being: of being well, and acting in a way that is congruous not only with well-being for yourself, but in alignment with the well-being of Life around you (including the Life that is not imminently perceptible to you.)

Power comes from knowing it does not spring from you alone, it simply moves through you, and out to other beings. There is no hierarchy of needs, even if the absence of certain needs will kill you faster than others. Wealth is truly about what enables you to live well (whatever tools & resources you may need), and prosperity is living in a way that enables that flourishing for yourself and others. That is what we are attempting to harmonize through you, so you can have the fuel to do the necessary and vital work of liberation, one step at a time.

TL;DR - The Deliverables

Every Juno Jar petition purchase includes...

  • A public ritual report that will be featured on my blog
  • Your name & a general petition included in a Juno Jar vessel
  • 12 months of ongoing weekly & monthly maintenance of the vessel
  • My Wealth & Power Playbook in PDF form (value: $18 USD) that will be emailed to you the day the ritual report for your service goes live (+ access to any future revised editions!)

Is This Work Actually Right For You?

First and foremost: if you expect me to do all of the work and just sit back and watch the cash, opportunities, etc., roll in, you are barking up the wrong tree, friend. This ain't the place nor is that how magic works. As the old African Diasporic adage goes, "First comes the working, then comes the work." -- magic, like prayer, can only act if it has a way to arrive. Gotta exercise that self-sovereignty and sense of agency, even if/when – especially when! – you feel like you have none.

While I understand that folks have immediate material needs – such as support for job hunting, or a need for quick cash 'cause they're in a bind – that is truly not the focus of this work. It can result in the arrival of more cashola or a new job – because we live under capitalism, and those are means of obtaining + filling our needs, wants, and desires, for sure, but it's just as likely NOT to show up in that form. This magic is just as likely to manifest as a situation that supports you in shifting a specific belief or experience you went through that brings forth a more expansive pool of well-being & well-doing, or things like unexpected support from friends or family, discounts + gifts, as well as being on the receiving end of more acts of generosity, kindness, or compassion from others.

For example: let's say you sign up for a Juno Jar service, and you're immediately fired or presented with an opportunity to leave a job that's paid you more than you've ever been paid in your life, but it's heinous as hell on your system. You easily find a new job, but it's paid less. However, there's such a significant reduction in your stress levels from this change, you're now able to invest more time into a creative practice or a specific hobby. With some additional energy available, you redistribute what you can of your existing resources, so you organize a game night. Someone attends who learns of your hobby, and maybe that turns into a side income without having to hustle for it or think about it too hard. Or, maybe, you make new friends, and through those new friends, not only do you get connected to new ways of participating in your interests, but a job that's aligned to your ethics and to be of generative service to the world. You find the job because you've been helping those same folks find work that does the same for them. Your health improves because you're sleeping better, and you're not walking around with elevated blood pressure and cortisol. But that's not all, you also somehow saved more money over the course of the year than you were able to before, when you were working more hours and making more money.

All the little bits of luck and tiny flukes you might not have even fully noticed have compounded. All of the relationships you've tended feed your ecosystem of luck, stability, and peace-bringing. Such is the beauty of this work: sometimes the most valuable, easiest, and sustainable result is not strictly money. It's having power to see possibilities others cannot + exercise agency and get your wants, needs, and desires met in a way that liberates yourself and others.

So, at minimum, you MUST be willing and able to present a simple petition on your own to Gd, your ancestors, and/or Juno...and actually show up to community as best as you can. The Wealth + Power Playbook PDF that will be emailed to you after your rite's ritual report goes live on my blog provides very simple instructions for how to do this. If saying a prayer quietly to yourself, doing a briefly visualization once a month, and writing out smart (specific, measurable, achievable, and time-bound) desires + goals for you to orient towards feels out of reach, this is a pass for you, friend!

But...There's A Catch :)

Because I delight in being provocative, I've had to find an ingenious way to put my money where my mouth is about the anti-capitalist qualities of my practice, while still being intellectually honest about wanting (needing, deserving, desiring), cold hard cash.

In purchasing and/or filling out a Juno Jar petition, you are swearing a magical oath of resource redistribution for the next 12 months. Yes, you read that correctly.

Disciplined generosity and redistribution are inherent and intrinsic parts of how this process unfolds, including within the context of the ceremony itself. I give away a substantial amount of the offerings I make to Juno to community members as blessed magical items, as well as having a negotiated pact around my sales objectives/desires, which includes making a certain number of petitions available for "free" to the Community List (see Pricing + Investment). It anchors my work in genuine praxis and grounds the intention in real-world efforts.

When you sign up to participate, you are swearing before the collective's Benefic, Well, and Elevated Ancestors, as well as to Juno Herself, that you will remain mindful of where you have sustained overflow of resources (money and financial access, class privilege, labor, time/attention, the benefit of physical/spiritual/mental energy + well-being), and that you will engage in a consistent effort to share and redistribute out of the overflow, without the intention of gain. This is explicitly in service towards building solidarity with others.

What do I mean by 'resource redistribution'?

  1. Direct-to-community cash schmoney redistribution. Give to individual crowdfunds, give to mutual aid orgs, support independent creators, invest in local activists and grassroots advocacy and organizing. May I recommend the following organizations: The Snack Sack, Accomplis Collective, We Make The Path CIC, Palestinian Children's Relief Fund, Advocates For Trans Equality, and SWOP USA. For the sake of ethical transparency, Kelly of Accomplis is a dear friend, and I am on the advisory board of We Make the Path.

  2. If you have a talent, skill, and/or a hobby you love, share it freely with others. Love to sing? Start a karaoke Zoom night. Handy at sewing? Repair some holes or do alterations for folks who need to be able to do interviews or can't afford to buy (or thrift) new fits. Have a hobby like drawing? Host a drawing circle. Love cooking & good at meal planning? Help a parent or a college student plan their meals for the week, and if you're local, go chop their vegetables with or for them. Excellent at math? Tutor some struggling students just because you can. Know folks looking for work? Organize a job hunting coven where you keep an eye out on listings for each other. You get the gist!

  3. Leverage your class, professional/educational, etc., privileges on behalf of others without access. Network on someone's behalf and kick open a door for them if you can. Add someone has an authorized credit user to help boost their credit score. If you inherit land or a house, don't sell it to developers – sell it to someone who will live in, and love, the property, or donate them to a community land trust. If you have access to intergenerational wealth or are a person with substantial assets, work with organizations like Resource Generation or Chordata Capital to put that money to work in community projects and alternative investments. Put a boot on the neck of a local politician who is trying to ban healthcare for trans folks or books about gay penguins. Advocate for folks to get raises. Learn how to organize your workplace for better working conditions & unionize. Pick something, anything, to practically advocate for or work towards, even if it's just sending an email once a week to your state Senator to voice your thoughts on the concerns of the day.

The only way to do this 'wrong' and to break the oath is either attempt to engage with malicious compliance, or to just not contemplate or engage with the role(s) you want to serve in your communities. If you actively meditate on ways you can share freely with others, and then show up to do that, you're good as gold.

Mutual Reciprocity

I expect + receive payment from this work in several ways, and, having an expectation of mutual reciprocity may be uncomfortable to people who are used to strict transactionalism. This is part of my process, and once again, integral to my ability to offer this service and to support my clients (that could include you) in pursuing the best outcomes possible for themselves and others.

Let's go over what I'm getting out of this, so you know what you're getting into.

In addition to cold hard cash, here are other ways I expect to benefit from offering this service (that may or may not be relevant to you):

(1) Positive Spiritual Merit & Allies – The counterweight to this offering and other work I do in a similar vein, is my Ancestor Care Work. I offer these services entirely for free to anyone who needs it and pay for any of the recommended services they need from peers and colleagues, too. All client cases are taken on per my Folks' approval. By helping you attain your goals and ensuring your prosperity + well-being, I am able to cultivate a positive with your Well & Elevated Ancestors, and add them to my extended rolodex of spiritual helpers to call upon when cases get spicy and dicey. When I provide these services to the community, I also get some positive spiritual credit with the Universe, so to speak. All of that has value that could not be accurately capture by strict transactionalism. There's nothing you have to do here, just know it's A Thing I Am Doing.

(2) "I Know A Guy" Clout – a.k.a., Word-of-Mouth Networking – Being introduced to smart, creative, influential, and/or exciting people on a 1-to-1 basis – or receiving enthusiastic, genuine public praise – is a highly prized benefit of doing the type of work I do. I'm a connector as much as I am a fixer, and I thrive off having "I know a guy" clout that's genuine, grounded in mutual respect, and tangible connections. I absolutely expect all of my (happy) clients (that this is safe for) to be willing to network with me and on my behalf, and to generously open the doors of getting to know folks you think are worth getting to know, and/or introduce my work to people in a sincere and meaningful way. It helps me, help you, and it provides a value that is helpful under capitalism whilst not obliging any of us to its menacing shitcannery. Everyone wins!

(3) Gifts, Tips & Profit SharingIn a private corner of my life, I am a lifestyle dominatrix who engages in financial domination with her subs (in fact, I have attended Princess Kali's Ethical Findom Intensive twice...neither time on my own dime.) As a domme with occult skills, the archetypal trope of the Faustian bargain has always fascinated and bemused me...paraphrasing a certain disreputable white man, "Witches are the loan sharks of the gods." While I'm not a fan of usury or (most) crime, the vibe checks out, not gonna lie. I am totally a spoiled girlie through and through, I not only love receiving thoughtful gifts as a gesture of appreciation for my community care labor (which is why I have a wishlist – ask me for it!), I also very clearly love money. I absolutely expect that if the fiscal gains of the work wildly exceed your expectations, and it's a gesture that's reasonably + comfortably accessible to you, you'll slice me off a generous bit of cheddar. I warmly + graciously welcome both as appreciation for my labor + skill + knowledge.

All of this is to say: I do expect to receive a cut of your spoils – some way, somehow; through you or through your Ancestors. Practicing generosity is a core part of my magic, so I build it into the compensation plan. Your generosity is what allows me to care for the folks who both need me the most and who can't afford to pay me outside of pure communal love + gratitude.

Pricing + Investment

Everything costs somebody, someone, some being, something.

Poverty is not virtuous, and neither is being a billionaire. Thus, as a functional member of our society who must contribute according to my ability, I am obliged to ensure I situate myself somewhere in the spectrum between.

Petitions are $180 USD or $15 USD/month x 12 months

With individual petitions, you can sign up for yourself or you can gift them to someone else by forwarding them the information to access the Petition Form.

Sponsorships are $1800 USD and pay for 19 petitions.

Sponsorships are offered as a way for folks who are financially privileged to sign up for their own petition, but also to purchase 18 additional petitions for others (such as private coaching or consulting clients, members of an online community, participants in a group program, etc.), the Community List (see below), or as gifts for friends & family. All Sponsors have the option of being named/honored in the ritual report for the service they sign up for, along with a link of their choice (subject to my discretion.)

If you would love to pay a petition forward to others, but the Sponsorship option is too rich for you budget (I get ya!) – you are free to pay for multiple petitions (it's a tiny bit of a pain to go through the checkout multiple times, mea culpa) and just drop me an email at admin[at]bunnymorganbrown.com so I can keep track for the Community List.

Community List petitions are $0 USD, but they're not FREE.

If $15 USD/month is a financial stretch for you, but you're willing + able to fulfill the expectations laid out on this page, you are welcome to join my Community List. Every time I host a Juno Jar service, a week before the deadline to sign up, I will tally the number of Community List petitions that are available and email those exact number of people who are in the queue on a first come, first serve basis. I will then delete your email from the list and cycle folks who didn't make during that Juno Jar service to the top of the list for next time.

Payments are processed via SendOwl using Stripe

If for whatever reason you cannot use SendOwl/Stripe, I am happy to invoice you for a single payment utilizing our business banking partner, where you can pay via direct ACH transfer, PayPal, or Venmo.

Other Requirements For Working With Me

Before clicking any buttons, please familiarize yourself with ALL of my professional policies and who I am as a person. You can find all the important legalese + business things here: Code of Ethics, Client Policies, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy.

I serve and support whomever my Ancestors welcome into my practice. However, please do not purchase a petition unless you feel prepared to engage the work and act practically on your own behalf. Please do not waste your time, my time & energy, or the time, energy, and efforts of my Ancestors if you do not have capacity to challenge your self-perception and to experience change right now. That is wildly disrespectful and uncool AF.

Additionally, if you are unwilling to engage in the personal work of unlearning internalized white supremacy, capitalism, and cis-hetero patriarchy, etc., please see yourself to the door. Furthermore, as a deeply spiritual human being who values my Jewish community and culture, I do not work with any individuals who engage in any form of proselytization or attempts to convert other people to their spiritual path. Don't even try it.

The Next Steps + Schedule Of Events

Please do NOT purchase a petition from a place of desperation or fear, it's not gonna work well for either one of us. While I respect your agency and right to do as you wish, please do not put me in a morally compromised position by putting yourself into financial precarity on my behalf.

Click your button of choice below to take you to checkout with SendOwl, where you can also update the quantity of petitions you're buying by hitting the 'edit' button. Once you've submitted your payment successfully, you will be redirected to fill out the Petition Form. If you have any issue with this, please email me directly at admin[at]bunnymorganbrown.com.

The next Juno Jar service is scheduled for May 12, 2024

  • If you'd like to know more about the electional astrology for this ceremony, you can read the full text of the write-up by Emily Sorlien here.
  • The last day to purchase a sponsorship is April 29th, 2024.
  • The last day to purchase & sign up for an individual petition is May 6th, 2024.
  • The Community List recipients will be notified on May 6th, 2024.
  • The Wealth + Power Playbook will be emailed out, along with the ritual report (which will also be posted to my blog), by May 18th, 2024.

(If you have an issue with SendOwl not redirecting, here is the Petition Form. If you're tempted to fill this out without paying: don't. Strongly do not recommend.)

Buy Now - 12 payments of $15 USD
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Professional Disclaimers + Ethics

Ancestor & spiritual work are positive tools for inspiring creativity, focus, and clarity in one's life, as well as helping one find comfort and access their inner resilience in moments of growth or challenged. My work is solely offered in the spirit of those intentions, with the goal of supporting other avenues of practical action. No spiritual services or ancestor work can be guaranteed, and I make no specific claims or promises, and any testimonials or potential benefits outlined on this page or elsewhere are strictly anecdotal. Many benefits have been experienced by those who have interacted with my work, but understand that not all modalities will work for everyone, and I work in good faith to the best of my ability. You are paying for my time, care, labor, expert knowledge, and technical skills, NOT results.

The healing services and information I offer via my website are not intended as a substitute for professional, medical, and/or psychiatric or therapeutic treatment and advice. You are responsible for your own medical treatment and care, fiscal responsibilities, business strategy, and/or other decisions, and you are voluntarily requesting spiritual services. Always consult with and defer to the expertise of your care team + licensed professionals for issues concerning physical + emotional well-being, and in all cases, it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be updated as I go along to ensure I don't miss anything.

Uh...aren't you Jewish? What's with this goddess talk...?

Now, as an exuberant and proud daughter of Makeba Sheba in all my Jewess glory, I'm sure you might be wondering: aren't you a monotheist? And the answer is yes, I am. Mostly. Sort of. A pantheist, really. I am sensitive to what our people call avoda zara, which is translated into English most commonly as 'idolatry', or as I personally observe and understand it, 'putting gods and egregores before Life/Creation.'

I do, in fact, believe in gods with the little g and engage with them regularly enough. They are good friends, they are coworkers, companions, and even Elevated & Great Ancestors. But I take an approach to connection + collaboration with our spiritual kin that models itself after the practices and beliefs of both my African and Indigenous ancestors (specifically the theological worldviews of the Vodou(s)) in that I see these beingnesses as akin to angelic emanations of Creation. There is only one Source, it is transcendent as well as immanent, it is genderless and all gender, it is impersonal and personal, it is non-dual: it is Bondye, HaShem, Shekhinah, Nature, Creator, Creating, Creation. Everything is a reflection of our Interbeingness with and within Creation. Even the mischievous, dangerous, dastardly, and destructive spirits are a reflection of this Divine. We're all infinite dandelion seeds on the winds of Creation.

As the late, great, and of blessed memory, Octavia Estelle Butler once wrote, "Gd is Change."

ANYWAYS. This is all above

I'm super excited for this work! How can I support the magic BEFORE I get the Playbook?

That is an excellent question.

If you don't have an ancestor feeding + veneration practice, you should immediately start, even if it's once a month. I highly recommend picking up a copy of Mallorie Vaudoise's Honoring Your Ancestors (affiliate) or Aladokun's Ancestor Paths: Honoring our Ancestors and Guardian Spirits Through Prayers, Rituals, and Offerings (affiliate), and getting to work on caring for your Well & Elevated Ancestors. I realize if you have a particularly traumatized, etc., immediate and extended family -- or you're adopted -- you may be tempted to not engage in this type of work, but you have SO many more kindred who are ready, willing, and able to support you, you just need to give them the tools to do so.

The second big suggestion is just to start looking for ways to bring pleasure + support to the relationships and world around you. Go clean up litter. Share of your skills + energy as an act of solidarity. Start doing what you can to cultivate and shore up the ecosystem of relating and mutual care around you in whatever way you have available to you.

And last but not least: prioritize your sleep health and hygiene. Not only does it reduce stress, dreams -- even if you don't remember them -- are a significant way for our Ancestors to communicate with us, and to provide embodied wisdom. Don't skimp on the sleep if you can avoid it, por favor.

I've never done magic before. Is this a good fit for me?

It depends on your level of risk tolerance around the $ piece, and your comfort with the idea of magic. If signing up is not a financial burden and you're cool with the practices I've outlined above, sure! Come on down!

Can I submit a custom petition to you? Will you help me formulate a petition?

No and no. The Wealth + Power Playbook will outline my suggestions for preparing your own individualized requests/outlining your goals as the magic is tended.

I am interested in petitioning for marriage. Is this copacetic to the Juno Jar work?

The most honest + integral answer I can give to this is, "I don't know, but that checks out." The nature of the work is grounded in communal well-being & well-doing. Aligning with the best partner(s) for you is a reflection of that theme and virtue. Juno, historically, also happens to be a spirit of marriage and long-term bonds. So, probably? Probably. But I won't be speaking to that directly in the Playbook.

Can I get a refund if I don't feel like I've gotten results?

Refunds are always offered at my discretion, but generally speaking, no. If you don't feel good about "no results guaranteed" (because that would be WILDLY unethical of me), please don't sign up. Not because I'm trying to be shady, but because the $ amount of sales dictates my offering purchases, also because I am being paid for my labor in good faith pursuit of supporting you with your specific desired outcomes, NOT for those outcomes.

I Do Have Receipts! - A.K.A., Testimonials

Testimonials can be a tricksy thing for this type of work, so over the years, I have relied on social proof (anonymized, universally, for privacy and for ethical reasons unless otherwise explicitly consented to) to document the efficacy of my work.

Surprisingly, the gallery below (which you can also view via this link) is a fraction of the testimonials I have received over the year. As of March 31st, 2024, there are 74 images in my social proof gallery – including several for this upcoming service, thanks to Weird Time-y Whime-y Weirdness – and I have...pages more.

I will also add that by my conservative estimates, my magic + my clients have worked together to collectively move anywhere between $3-$5 million USD in mutual aid to individuals and grassroots organizing between 2017 and 2023. I am extremely proud of that!