About Bunny

About Bunny

My real name is Alexis P. Morgan – Bunny is my professional nickname, given to me by my partner, RB Brown (they/he). I'm an Afro-Indigenous, Jewish sibyl, and an oracular vessel, from an enduring tradition and several kinfolk lineages' worth of fems, thems, and menz before me.

While I matured under the wise and enduring visage of Saturn (Baruch HaShem) from 2017 – 2023, and I spent an inordinate amount of time immersed in the dynamics of wealth, power, and desire, specifically from a communitarian, non-hierarchical lens. It was during this luxurious and radical tutelage that I had the unexpected honor and privilege of becoming a high priestess of the Empress, the Lady of the Emerald Bull of Heaven herself. I have also come to know Her by several names: Juno-Ishtar (they share a temple site in Malta), Lucifer (in their more masculine-androgynos form; as the intelligence of the planet Venus), and Ninsiana (the personification of the planet Venus in Mesopotamian lore.) During this same window, my relationship with my Ancestors significantly deepened, and they began sharing and guiding me on shaping my own idiosyncratic magical + spiritual system of practice that I collectively call Mzizi Udongo or Adamah Shoreshah (lit. 'root soil.')

My specific magical talent is being a well-spring of communal well-doing (prosperity) & well-being (wealth) – primarily working through systemic structures & frameworks, such as with one's ancestors, astrological considerations, and seiðr/fate patterning. Mzizi Udongo is my idiosyncratic approach to my practice, drawing primarily on my ancestral lineages and teachings, as well as some mutually aligned frameworks of thought, specifically Daoist philosophy. My body of work is ultimately dedicated to manifesting an ethos of Radical Luxury, the vision and philosophy the archetypal Empress of the Tarot offers to those who wish to embrace Her approach to power through understanding the values of Support, Responsibility, and Pleasure.

You can find all of my current offerings (free & paid!) on my Everything Page, and if you'd love to interview me + collaborate, feel free to reach out!

The Formal Biography

Bunny Morgan-Brown (she/they) is a Jewish, Afro-Indigenous writer & artist with over 20+ years of experience as a ancestral healer & witch, offering her skills and insight as a sibyl, ritual artist, and teacher.

With an extensive and ongoing lineage of training & academic study, Bunny's primary practice is centered around her own syncretic Earth-based, Jewish & Afro-Diasporic magical and ritual practices with the direct tutelage of her ancestors. Her spiritual practice is focused on modelling a relationship with ritual & spiritual tools that helps her readers and clients create and maintain balance and integration in their personal + communal relationships with their wants, needs, and desires in a way that honors our Divine Interbeingness. In her deliciously cultivated & frequent downtime, Bunny is an experienced creative, working as an artist and designer through various mediums, particularly digital art, collage, textiles, mixed media, and the creation of sacred objects.

When not enjoying the fruits of peace and relaxation, Bunny serves on the advisory board of We Make The Path Community Cooperative, a community interest company dedicated to supporting chronically ill, neurodivergent + disabled people in achieving their professional goals through sustainable work practices and entrepreneurship, as well as being an active fundraiser for the The Accomplis Collective, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to gathering + redistributing resources and support to grassroots Black and Indigenous community organizing & artistic projects throughout the United States. Since 2016, Bunny’s creative activism, teaching, and work as a ritualist + financial dominatrix have generated significant (5+ figures) wealth rematriation to leftist grassroots organizing, mutual aid funds, and direct-to-individual giving across the world.

Bunny lives with their partner & business collaborator, RB Brown (they/them; he/him), and their two cats - Pumpkin and Mushroom. She continues to aspire to inherit the title of “the most exciting [femme] in the world” from Eartha Kitt, by way of a vivid + kindly phantasm of the late Orson Welles.