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Hello hello! I’m Alexis (“Bunny”) Morgan-Brown, and I'm an Afro-Indigenous, Jewish writer, muse, and ancestral witch, with 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and strategic business advisor. I work with my clients on developing a proactive, transformative relationship with their charisma, money, and power, in order to ensure they’re useful agents of liberation. My best clients are high-performance, neurodivergent people who understand that the kyriarchal capitalist world we live in is a racket, but they are committed to being powerbrokers in the quest to fund + build a sustainable, life-affirming world.

My body of work is ultimately dedicated to embodying my evolving ethos I call Radical Luxury: the vision and philosophy of the Empress in the Tarot. I create, mesmerize, inspire, and challenge my audience, clients, and customers by spinning magic out of the Divine Flow by following my (current) values of Support, Responsibility, Pleasure, and Fun. I spend my deliciously cultivated & frequent downtime working as an artist and designer through various mediums, particularly writing, fashion, interiors, collage, textiles, mixed media, and sacred + ritual tools.

When not enjoying the fruits of peace and relaxation, I serve on the advisory board of We Make The Path Community Cooperative, a community interest company dedicated to supporting chronically ill, neurodivergent + disabled people in achieving their professional goals through sustainable work practices and entrepreneurship. I am also an active fundraiser for the The Accomplis Collective, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to gathering + redistributing resources and support to grassroots Black and Indigenous community organizing & artistic projects throughout the United States. Since 2016, my creative activism, teaching, and work as a guide + facilitator have generated $5m+ wealth rematriation & distribution (mostly without the benefit of tax write-off!) to leftist grassroots organizing & individual organizers, mutual aid funds, and direct-to-individuals-in-need giving around the world.

I live with my partner & de facto chief-of-staff, RB Brown (they/them; he/him), and our two cats - Pumpkin and Mushroom, and am the proud aunt of several incredible nieflings. I continue to aspire to inherit the title of “the most exciting [femme] in the world” from Eartha Kitt, by way of a vivid + kindly phantasm of the late Orson Welles.

You can find all of my current offerings & curated resources on my Everything Page, and if you'd love to interview me or collaborate, feel free to reach out using the information below :)

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Hello hello, thoughtful human – I’m excited to make your acquaintance! Before you reach out to me, I wanted to say a little word about boundaries and clear communication – and how they operate in my Universe – so that we’re all on the same page, and the proper relationships and connections can be made.

I am a student of the imminently wise & wonderful Randi Buckley and her work with Healthy Boundaries for Kind People. As a result, Team Bunny & I are big on cultivating firm-but-kind containers that allow me to show up fully in the capacities and places I need to. I DO NOT respond to ANY messages for professional support, sales questions, tech issues, etc., via any of my social media, and I am not directly accessible via email to protect my energy + sanity.

If you’re like to get in touch, please send an email to admin[at]bunnymorganbrown.com, formatted accordingly:

  • Subject Line – Please start your subject line in all caps with one of the following: Customer Service, Testimonial/Kind Words, Technical Issue, Media/Speaking Request, Legal & Business, Other. Then type a dash. Then please note if your request is Time Sensitive/Not Time Sensitive. If the request is time sensitive, please also include RNB (Response Needed By): [date].

  • Identifying Information – Please include your full name, pronouns, any relevant professional title, a work phone number, and at least one verifiable place I can find you or your business online.

  • Your Message – Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Please only include relevant information and details I need to make a decision or to take action.

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Bunny Morgan-Brown (she/they) is a Jewish, Afro-Indigenous writer & artist with over 20+ years of experience as a ancestral healer & witch, offering her skills and insight as a sibyl, ritual artist, and teacher.