What Is Mzizi Udongo?

What Is Mzizi Udongo?

Most of my professional praxis is through a syncretized, Afro-Judeo based wisdom tradition I call Mzizi Udongo or Adamah Shoreshah (both literally meaning ‘root soil.’)

My professional worldview is that we exist in a mycelial Interbeingness called Asiliya (alternatively, Abiya, the four olamot (worlds) of Kabbalah), that is an emanation of the Divine (Chanzoenye Kung’aa; Gxd; HaShem; Creation.) The threads of connection holding us all together within this mycelial interbeingness are known as nyuzi (also called fate hyphae, or fate patterns.) The nyuzi conceal Divine light, intelligence, and memory, and we are able to interact with them — and thus shape the manifestation of Asiliya – with our actions, both mundane and spiritual. This complex conception of the Universe is represented by a version of the Yowa, the Kongolese cosmogram, which I use to help determine what practical and spiritual actions are required to intervene on behalf of my clients.

My Ancestors have taught me that all flowering bodies of Asiliya (a.k.a., you, me, spirits, gods with little g, ancestors, etc.) have kiu (lit. ‘thirst’; wants, needs, and desires) that must be recognized and ameliorated in order to allow us to remember our inner Divine radiance, and to sustainably engage our place within Interbeingness, thus reflecting the Divine from which we all come. The more we neglect our own kiu, and/or do not balance it with concern for the kiu of Others (including the planet themself), the more discordant our existence, and the farther away from our natural state of holiness we find ourselves. Reunion and return to Chanzoenye Kung’aa (Creation) is inevitable, as there is no escaping or transcending the inherent Change of it all. But it is our job to ensure that while in a state of individuation we do not inflict, endure, or create excess pain and struggle for Others, as it is the same as inflicting that suffering upon ourselves. We are — individually and collectively — wholly responsible for understanding how we are situated with and within Asiliya in order to engage in repair, reconciliation, and reconnection, in the same ways Creation engages in reconnection, repair, and reconciliation with us throughout life, death, conception, and (re)birth.

Utilizing my Ancestors’ base teaching alongside my own human resourcefulness, I have begun forming a body and system of practice within MU/AS that reflects my unique spiritual inheritance and heritages, whose core, essential wisdoms are brought forth to serve the life I and those I serve live today.

For more on the philosophical systems & traditions I draw from, please visit my Lineages + Training page for more information.