How This New Journey Began

How This New Journey Began

Bunny Morgan-Brown

I started that gal bunny brown as a way to wipe the slate after a year and a half long sabbatical in 2023. Towards the end of 2022, during a highly sensitive spiritual ceremony, I experienced a catastrophic event due to the reckless of a guest, and the fallout of that experience was total burnout. But, as with many things in my life: what seemed like unmitigated disaster on the surface was a huge blessing in disguise...because my magic worked and did its job.

I was able to take my sabbatical because of my extensive community of support, including my engagement to my partner, RB, and our relationship is the consequence of ancestor-initiated shidduch (traditional Jewish matchmaking; we both did magic to ask our ancestors to bring us a suitably long-term partner.) Even RB's career success was, in part, a manifestation of my magical effort, as I had supported my husband in not only self-advocating for an increase in pay that constituted a 50+% increase in salary, but also for a promotion that set the table for moving into more senior roles in the future. The change in the landscape of my life caused such a dramatic shift in my health and nervous system that it revealed that I might not have three of the conditions I was diagnosed with (!), but several previously unidentified, root-level health conditions, one of which I have likely had since my teens.

But I felt despaired, unmoored, and secretly very ashamed, struggling through getting back on my feet and re-establishing my sense of self after the accident. It didn't occur to me until almost a year into this incubation period that I was looking at things from the wrong angle (happens to the best and most experienced amongst us on occasion!)

A truly successful magic-worker is someone who lives on their own terms

During my sabbatical, a mutual colleague made a post about what prompts magicians and magical folks – as well as folks who consider themselves 'lay' users of spiritual tools & services – to want to hire or work with other professionals. The resounding response, outside of a clear application of ethics and adherence to professional integrity, was that if a person was able to live life mostly as they wanted to, well. That well-doing and well-being permeated most aspects of their life, not necessarily panache or flash.

Before the onset of my sabbatical, I had been living that life pretty consistently for myself: I had achieved my ambitions of living in an apartment I loved in Chicago (without a roommate!), broken the 6-figure revenue mark in my last business as a full-time sorceress, with an extremely flexible, low-demand schedule and a lifestyle that supported all of my unique disability needs (even the ones I didn't realize, consciously, I had.) My clients flourished and I saw the significant material impact I was able to make through mutual aid & spiritual organizing, to the tune of millions of dollars. I was – still am! – surrounded by an incredibly caring, wonderful chosen family and a circle of friends. But I hit a bottleneck where I was unable to maintain my commitment to my Ancestors and other helping spirits while being alone, so...after years of desperately wanting to be partnered, resolving and releasing my anxiety + pain around the idea of never being married, and choosing to invest in the idea that I could have a meaningful life without ever needing someone in that way...bam. Engaged. Everything I had ever hoped for (including the traditionalism of our match!), delivered in none of the ways I expected, after one of the worst moments of my life, where - shortly thereafter - everything I worked hard to build seemingly went up in flames.

It was that thread that made me realize I had been in the grip of a really pervasive trauma response: that nothing, in fact, went up in flames. The exact thing that I have spent years talking to clients and readers about – that magic oftentimes takes the route of least resistance, and as a consequence, we are delivered what we ask for in a way we never thought to consider or look for. The truth of the matter is is that I was, am, a successful sorceress: 80% of my life was a reflection of my values and my own desires. But I had outgrown the season of work I was in, the way I had to go about living my life, in order to make greater space for even better things to come.

And thus, that gal bunny brown was born.

I changed my professional nickname to Bunny in order to create a boundary between my public and my private life. Earlier in 2023, I sent the final seeds of my Juno Jar work out into the world, to continue to flourish and feed their caretakers.

I started this newsblog (newsletter/blog) as a way to be on social media less, and to stay in touch + produce the content people love from me more...straight to their inboxes, and without financially contributing to a company that is comfortable and content to support TERFs, Nazis, and right-wing fascists (I'm talking about Substack.) Here, I can write about whatever I want – whenever I want – and the folks who are invested in my work don't have to worry about algorithms to stay in touch. And even better in terms of managing my ADHD at work, as I no longer have to sort through a tech stack that includes a website, a membership platform, a writing platform, and an email marketing client...I can do most of that here, through Ghost Pro.

Having been an early adopter of Patreon, with recent success with patronage in my past, I have opted to set up paid memberships here to support my writing & my art, while also continuing to do some of the spiritual work I was doing before, but in a way that fits my schedule and that serves + centers me.

You can read more about those benefits and choose your plan here.

But for now – whether you sign up for free below, or join me as a paid subscriber – I am looking forward to this new chapter of my adventure, and hope that you stick around for it, too :)

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