New? Start Here!

New? Start Here!

Howdy there – welcome to my newsblog x personal website, that gal bunny brown.

I have ADHD, so I tend to fly through projects.

I do a lot, frequently, and there’s…a lot to stay on top of. The versatility of skill and interests does a lot for me, but it has made it difficult over the last 10 years to catalog, organize, and present what I do to the world in a clear way.

So, inspired by Elizabeth Goddard, I’ve assembled this Everything Page to do just that: to give you a quick glimpse into who I am & what I'm about.

All About Bunny Morgan-Brown

Hi there! My name is Bunny Morgan-Brown (she/they), and I am a Jewish, Afro-Indigenous writer and artist with over 20+ of experience under my belt as an ancestral witch and healer. I formerly went by my maiden name, Alexis P. Morgan, but I got married and wanted some distance between my private life and my professional presence.

You can read my full, formal bio over on my About Page, catch more of my interviews & other speaking appearances over here at Media + Speaking, and you can visit Lineages + Training to learn more about my magical + educational background

In addition to this newsblog, you can find me hanging out on Instagram and Facebook. I also recommend visiting my Collaborators + Referrals page, because relationships are everything, and I am 100% the product of the incredible village of support around me.

What This Blog Is About

After many years of running a full-time spiritual practice, I decided it was time to change up my focus and career path, pursuing a line of work that allows me to build my life around my primary vocation – my service as a priestess, ancestral witch, and healer – without being overly concerned with the limitations and restrictions of capitalism. I am incredibly blessed and privileged that I get to live my ideal life in all of the ways. I currently run this newsblog as part-time enterprise and project of love.

In addition to being the vehicle through which I deliver the benefits my paid patrons/subscribers receive, I primarily use my newsblog to write about what moves me, and to share my art. My goal is to use this platform to grow a career as a speaker, author, teacher, and artist, but for now, I intend to let that happen as organically as possible.

Other Important Information

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