Media & Speaking

Media & Speaking

I’m always happy to be a guest feature on podcasts, written columns, YouTube channels, etc., assuming it’s a good fit! 🤩

That being said, I will only accept an invitation to speak at your live event if that invitation is paid, with my compensation consisting of my speaking fee, as well as a separate amount that covers the cost of 1st class (or equivalent) travel, car transportation to and from the airport (both ways), as well as the cost of two (2) days before and after the event in accommodations that are wheelchair accessible and have a soaking tub or walk-in shower. If this is not within your budget, I am happy to make a virtual appearance for the same amount as my in-person speaking fee, and an additional fee if the event will be rebroadcast or recorded.

“[Bunny] has a powerful way with words and her exceptional analysis and synthesis are worth paying attention to."


The Chicago Reader (2022)

While attending a book signing at Ponnopozz, I was photographed + interviewed about my style, art, and spiritual work for the Chicago Reader’s Street View column by Isa Giallorenzo.

Finding Favorites With Leah Jones (2021)

I sat down with my friend Leah shortly before my 30th birthday to talk about my journey back to magic, my arch-nemesis, and my passionate love of magic.

Revolutionary Mystic Podcast – Ep. 8 (2020)

In this podcast appearance, I sat down to talk with Mētztli all about growing up adopted, living as a neuro-expansive witch, reclaiming Judaism, finding Lucifer, my new projects, and much more. Available on every major platform where you can check out podcasts!

Wakandacon Panel with Eris Eady (2018)

I was invited to speak on a panel at the first ever WakandaCon about the role of queerness and queer identity in Afrofuturism and the Wakanda cinematic universe with my friend and colleague, Eris Eady.