Lineages & Training

Lineages & Training

My background in the spiritual arts is extensive, well-rounded, and rigorous, with 20+ years of practice and study under my belt.

I am a highly trained, but spirit-led, practitioner.

My relationship and ability to communicate directly with the spirits I work with, and to burn my own fingers on my craft, will (almost) always trump a book or other resource, with some exceptions (I will never claim a title, authority, or lineage I have no rights to.) I strive to learn about cultural traditions that are not ethnically my own through primary source materials (when possible), oral transmission & direct accounts, and through traditional observation with direct oversight from the community of origin. Active learning and service-oriented learning works well for me and is how I have accumulated my body of knowledge + wisdom. I use the variety of avenues and tools available to me as a practitioner to engage in ongoing learning, and complement this with practical skills and training to support making my talents practical and effective.

I am Jewish witch who married into a very magical Sephardi family, and my theology most closely reflects the philosophy and practices of the Reconstructionist and Renewal movements, as well as the practices of the Hebrew Priestess (Kohenet) community. Judaism is the spine of the book of my life, and I integrate Black and Indigenous wisdom and values about family, life, and land into my rhythms of life and living, as well as my interpretation of the grand tradition of Jewish thought and philosophy. In light of that, I consider myself a Jewish witch, practicing an Earth-Based Judaism, fully soaked in the richness of Jewish mystical and magical practices, building a home for my heart through deepening my relationship with my ancestors, the land, and Creation.

While my own idiosyncrasies make up the biggest slice of my magical pie, my magical lineage is much more complex than that. In addition to the magical & spiritual practices of my spiritual life and ancestral instruction, I am strongly informed by the following cultural relationships and bodies of wisdom when I work:

  • Daoism
  • Hoodoo & Conjure
  • West, Central & South African Healing Traditions
  • Central Asian Traditional Shamanism
  • Haitian Vodou & Dominican Vudu
  • Espiritismo Cruzado
  • Appalachian Folk Magic
  • Astrological (Hellenistic; Chinese) & Planetary Magic

Professional Development

An incomplete and evolving inventory of relevant magical and mundane training, as of February 2024.


  • Feri Witchcraft – Elinor Predota
  • Haitian Vodou (lay) – Alex Batagi; Chiron Armand
  • Hoodoo & Conjure – L. MacDonald; Latifah Abdullah
  • Five Elements Energy Clearing – Megan Potter
  • Reiki Levels 1-3 + Master Training – N. Danaus
  • Psychic Development Training – Karen Hager


  • Associate of Arts (Hon) in Business & Economics – Palm Beach State College
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in English & Psychology (majors) & Gender Studies (minor) – Columbia College, Columbia, SC


  • Supercharge Your Productive – Y12 (2023) – Khe Hy & Radical Reads
  • Active Listener Certification & Helper Skill Supplements (2018) – 7 Cups of
  • Psychological First Aid (2018) – NCTSN Learning Center for Child and Adolescent Trauma
  • Skills for Psychological Recovery (2018) – NCTSN Learning Center for Child and Adolescent Trauma


  • Curanderismo: Global & Cultural Influences of Traditional Healing (2021) – Eliseo (Cheo) Torres, University of New Mexico
  • Curanderismo: Traditional Healing of the Mind, Energy & Spirit (2021) – Eliseo (Cheo) Torres, University of New Mexico
  • Curanderismo: Traditional Healing of the Body (2021) – Eliseo (Cheo) Torres, The University of New Mexico
  • Curanderismo: Traditional Healing Using Plants (2021) – Eliseo (Cheo) Torres, The University of New Mexico
  • XSeries Program, PredictionX (2021) – Harvard University


  • Quareia Curriculum (Ongoing) – Josephine McCarthy & Frater Acher
  • A Modern Approach To The Magic of the Papyri Magicae Gracae (Ongoing) – Jason Augustus Newcomb
  • Planetary Pentacles of Solomon the King (2022/2023) Sara L. Mastros
  • Learning How To Know (2022/2023) – Sara L. Mastros
  • Babylonian Incantation Bowls (2022) – Sara L. Mastros
  • Introduction to Witchcraft (2022) – Sara L. Mastros
  • Soul Candles for the Day of Awe (2022/2023) Rebekah Erev
  • Arcane Audio Workshops (Various) – Jason Miller
  • Love Magic Masterclass (2021) – Chiron Armand & Katelan Foisy
  • Jewish Protection Magic (2021) – Dori Midnight & Herban Cura
  • Spirits of the Stars: AstroMagic Intensive (Ongoing) – Ryhan Butler
  • Strategic Business Sorcery (2018) – Jason Miller
  • Usui Reiki Levels I, II, III (2017) – Lisa Powers
  • Astrology for Beginners (2017) – Benebell Wen
  • Tarot as a Tool for Craft (2017) – Benebell WenI Ching and the Practitioner (2017) – Benebell Wen
  • Spirit Keeper’s Tarot & Holistic Tarot Courses – Benebell Wen
  • Tarot and Shadow Work for Activating Craft (2017) – Benebell Wen
  • Strategic Sorcery Correspondence Course (2014) – Jason Miller

Professional Accountability

I believe it is important as a spiritual practitioner & community facilitator, that I have oversight. Through their kindness, Elinor Prędota serves in this role for me. All concerns about my conduct, professional ethics, etc., from clients or students should be directed to them.