Juno Jar Service - May 2024

Juno Jar Service - May 2024

Bunny Morgan-Brown

As I shared on the sales page, the timing of my Juno Jar services has now shifted to first and foremost be timed to beneficial transits for me + my business, and then to optimal elections within that timeframe for the work itself.

The copyright of the election text is fully owned by Emily Sorlien of Queen of Bones Tarot, who graciously helped choose the timing for this Juno Jar service.

Ave Juno!

This Juno Jar service started on May 12th, 2024 – according to the astrological timing below – and will be maintained on a daily & monthly basis until June 12th, 2025.

You can find the initial email I sent to participants at this link, and you can find the quick-and-dirty maintenance guide PDF below. Participants will be notified via email about any additional updates, as well as ongoing resources and tools to get the most out of this work.

May 12th 2023

12:12pm - 12:51pm Eastern Standard Time
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Venus in Taurus

Election Highlights

  • Venus in her chariot, domiciled + in her triplicity in Taurus on the Midheaven
  • Sun in Taurus on the Midheaven ruling the ascendant
  • Jupiter in Taurus conjunct Sun + Venus
  • Waxing Moon domiciled in Cancer in her decan in the 11th House
  • Moon’s next aspect = sextile to Sun in Taurus
  • Moon sextile Venus + trine Saturn in Pisces 

Venus rides enthroned in her Taurean chariot, gliding down a path recently paved, purified and gilded by the disinfecting rays of Helios. Though protected from the enfeebling rays of the glaring Sun, planets in their chariot are still hidden from view under the beams, making this moment well suited for covert endeavors. There is an emphasis on career, visibility and public-facing work with Venus culminating and ruling the Midheaven, but for now the best work is being done behind-the-scenes. It takes months of meticulous planning, cooperation, collaboration and rehearsal to bring a Broadway production to the stage. Here, Venus is happy to be in the messy, pure-hearted, child-like joy and wonder of creative play before the pressure of opening night looms large. 

In Taurus, Venus turns her attention to the senses of the body and its latent potential for sensorial ecstacy. For folks who have a hard time accessing pleasure, this is a great moment to ask the goddess of love, sex, beauty and pleasure for help breaking up the physical, emotional, spiritual or ancestral blocks preventing you from fully experiencing your birthright. If feelings of guilt, shame or undeservingness are part of the story here, consider cultivating a pleasure practice dedicated to the goddess where your experience of temporal delight becomes an offering unto her in and of itself. Amidst all the collective pain and suffering and violence, Venus reminds us that pleasure and ease and connection is the point. It’s why we fight for liberation for all and it’s how we stay in the fight longterm.

As the ruler of the Ascendant, the Sun represents the magician or the person/people for whom the magic is performed. While the Sun receives no dignification in Taurus, the luminous heart of our solar system is flanked on either side by helpers: the benefic planets Venus and Jupiter. Assistance in the form of wise, talented, generous, enthusiastic, resourced community is made accessible at this time. The Sun is self-confidence and self-knowing. By knowing what turns you on and fully owning it – even just privately – you start to naturally bring these fragmented aspects of yourself back into wholeness which inevitably leads to a greater radiance your truest selves out into the world.

Corresponding Medicines

  • Stones: diamond, emerald, peridot, chrysolite, aquamarine, rose quartz, malachite, lapis
  • Metal: copper
  • Colors: green, white, sea blue, pink
  • Plants: rose, yarrow, cleavers, red clover, self heal, apple, violets, daffodils, walnuts
  • Animals: dove, stag, dolphin, calf, pelican, swallow

This election is supportive for: 

  • Covert operations, behind the scenes work, projects requiring secrecy
  • Nurturing hidden relationships or desires
  • Cultivating a devotional pleasure practice
  • Burning away shame around activities that bring you joy or pleasure
  • Clearing space, making room in your life for fun, play and supportive relationships
  • Networking and calling in work or career prospects that dovetail with your passions and creativity 
  • Glamor magic and playing with public personas, ie: what gets shared and what is hidden
  • Self worth and confidence around sex work, sugar relationships, soft skills labor