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Everything Page

Howdy there – welcome to that gal bunny brown, my newsletter, blog, and Internet HQ.

I do a lot, frequently, and there’s…a lot to stay on top of. The versatility of skill and interests does a lot for me, but it has made it difficult over the last 10 years to catalog, organize, and present what I do to the world in a clear way.

So, inspired by Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard, I’ve assembled this Everything Page to do just that: to give you a quick glimpse into who I am, what I'm about, and what I have to offer.

A Brief Introduction

Hi there! My name is Alexis ('Bunny') Morgan-Brown (she/they), and I am a Jewish, Afro-Indigenous writer and artist with over 20+ of experience under my belt as an ancestral witch and healer. I formerly went by my maiden name, Alexis P. Morgan, but I got married and wanted some distance between my private life and my professional presence, so Bunny (a nickname my husband gave me) it is. You can read my full, formal bio over on my About Page, catch more of my interviews & other speaking appearances over here at Media + Speaking.

In addition to this newsblog/website, you can find me hanging out on Instagram and Facebook. I also recommend visiting my Collaborators + Referrals page, because relationships are everything, and I am 100% the product of the incredible village of support around me.

My body of work is ultimately dedicated to manifesting an ethos of Radical Luxury, the vision and philosophy the archetypal Empress of the Tarot offers to those who wish to embrace Her approach to power through understanding the values of Support, Responsibility, and Pleasure.

Scope Of Practice

My specific magical talent is being a well-spring of communal well-doing (prosperity) & well-being (wealth), and all of the work I put into the world reflects this gift. I primarily work through systemic structures & frameworks, such as with one's ancestors, astrological considerations, and seiðr/fate patterning.

I only offer services in small group (3-9 people) or one-to-many formats, even when it comes to working with my clients around their own unique + specific needs. I sincerely believe we require relationship and community – even if it's strictly digital and for a limited period of time – to fully self-actualize, grow, and become generative cycle starters both in the world at large but also in our own backyards. Additionally, in a society and an economic context that is constantly pressuring and encouraging us towards a power-over mindset, I have chosen to adopt a 'small pod' approach to services that are conventionally offered in a 1:1 format as a way to mitigate the risk of parasocial weirdness as well as codependence with clients I work with over a long stretch of time, as I am also very open about my life in my writing & art, and I do not want my clients to ever mistake my friendliness for friendship or personal intimacy. I am here to put myself out of business by encouraging you to prioritize your own intuition, cultivate your agency, and to act (or not act) according to YOUR values, not mine – however strong and deeply held my personal convictions may be.

I practice Mzizi Udongo, which is my idiosyncratic approach to magical & spiritual manifestation and healing. This systemic approach is primarily influenced by my relationship with my Ancestors and my personal ancestral lineages, as well as thoughtful integration of some outside, mutually intelligible frameworks to help repair damage caused by systemic oppression and violence, such as Daoist philosophy.

You can visit Lineages + Training to learn more about my magical + educational background, and the influences that I draw on, along with my Code of Ethics and Client Policies to get a sense of what working with me is like.

Anarcho-Matriarchal Praxis

I strive to approach my work in the world with an anarcho-matriarchal praxis, and everything I do is an ongoing experiment in that order.

For a rough idea of my values, I highly recommend checking out these links: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5, Link 6, Link 7, Link 8 (affiliate), Link 9 (affiliate), and Link 10 (affiliate).

Here are some ways my values show up in my business:

  • I offer Ancestor Care Work to all clients for free, if my Ancestors direct me to support your case.

  • I actively list + promote the names of trusted collaborators, colleagues, and former/current sources of personal support on my Collaborators + Referrals page.

  • When writing copy for my offerings, I utilize modified versions of BDSM play philosophy: RACC + PRINC'D. I write copy from a Risk Aware, Calm, and Clear framework, so that my clients can engage Personal Responsibility and Integrity, based on Context, Nuance, & Discernment (shout out to Randi Buckley, as this piece is a foundational teaching of hers when it comes to healthy boundaries & self-sovereignty.)

  • Rather than having a traditional affiliate program, I promote my Juno Jar work through collaborative add-on (where my work is free) or through approved vendors (you are able to sell Juno Jar petitions to your audience and retain 100% of the profits.) I plan to extend this model to other offerings I make available.

  • I utilize Pay What Enables The Work pricing for one-time payment offerings in order to encourage my clients to honor their personal money psychology, budget, and class status, without engaging in coercive or maximally extractive pricing strategies.

  • I offer payment plans for all offerings where this makes sense + is possible. This is to encourage sustainability, fiscal stability, and mutually beneficial exchanges between myself and those I serve or share with.

  • I am a member of the magical co-operative that sustains & moderates the Facebook community, The Sorcerer's Spoons: A Toolbox for the Modern Occultist. We support each others' clients and communities in their spiritual journeys and pastoral care needs.

  • I utilize the net revenue of my business to support up to fifteen (15) colleagues and apprentices with no-strings-attached SSSI (small scale supplemental income; my individualized version of UBI), using novel legal & tax strategies. This is mutual aid & reciprocal care grounded and fueled in me honoring my own pleasure, health, and wellness.

Other Important Information

Thank You Jar & Buy Me A Coffee

If you'd like to send me a gift as a thank you for my content or spiritual labor, here's how you can currently do that:

  • Self-Care Registry – As a disabled spiritual service provider & artist, I require extra care in order to be able to function optimally. I have curated several collections of products and services via Throne that I regularly engage to help maintain my health & well-being.
  • Thank You Jar (Payment via Stripe; You can set your own price)
  • PayPal (It will show Ziggurat Group LLC)

Current Offerings

Ancestor Care Work (Free-Ish)

A significant amount of my time serving community directly is focused on supporting people in caring for, building relationships with, and addressing the needs of their living & dead ancestors. I specialize in taking on cases with significantly traumatic circumstances, as well as guiding the newly dead, alongside offering ancestral elevation (release from attachment to a physical body & healing from their embodied trauma, if any is present.)

All of my Ancestor Care Work is free of charge to anyone my Ancestors approve of me working with via divination. However, I do ask that you make a monetary contribution to one of three organizations that are dear to my heart in lieu of direct monetary payment, in the amount of at least $18 USD.

👉🏽 Click Here To Learn More 👈🏽

Become A Patron (starting at $1 USD/month)

Over the years, I have had the imminent privilege of being supported directly by my readers and folks who experienced benefit from the various digital properties I've tended. Whether that's been through Patreon (I was a very early adopter), Substack (ditto), or BuyMeACoffee, I have always loved this model...but never could quiiiiiiiiite find the right fit for me, either due to platform politics or the limitations of their functionality. Which is a bummer, especially because my desire has always been to use these platforms to make it easier for me to write. I thought I had that in Substack, even with their egregious 20% take on paid memberships, until...you know...they continually refuse(d) to stop platforming Nazis.

In Ghost, however, I have found a publishing platform that not only aligns with my values, but has the right combination of functionality + user experience to be a GREAT home for my creativity, as well as sharing my ongoing spiritual services, too.

👉🏽 Learn More & Become A Patron Today 👈🏽

Juno Jar Magic (Starting at $180 USD)

My Juno Jar Magic is about becoming a grounded, sustained + sustainable, well-fed vessel for communal wealth (well-being) & prosperity (well-doing) to flow through.

Juno Jars are communal spiritual rites, facilitated through the creation + care of a magical vessel, that feed and foster communal wealth & prosperity, as manifested through the lives of its participants. For 13 lunar months after the initial ritual, every Juno Jar vessel is fed consistently with my weekly prayerful focus, as well as being further empowered by monthly offerings I make to Juno as its patroness & spiritual benefactor. Ceremonies are held on a rolling basis, based on favorably astrological timing, and include a copy of my Wealth + Power Playbook.

In addition to my Sponsorship program for fellow professionals & former clients, I also offer Community List petitions for folks who would invest if they could, but for whom the finances are just a little too precarious.

👉🏽 Click Here To Learn More & Sign Up For The Next Service 👈🏽