Contact Bunny

Contact Bunny

Hello hello, thoughtful human – I’m excited to make your acquaintance! Clear and consistent client policies are part of my ecosystem of professional boundaries.

So, before you reach out to me, I wanted to say a little word about boundaries and clear communication – and how they operate in my Universe – so that we’re all on the same page, and the proper relationships and connections can be made. I am a student of the imminently wise & wonderful Randi Buckley and her work with Healthy Boundaries for Kind People. As a result, Team Bunny & I are big on cultivating firm-but-kind containers that allow me to show up fully in the capacities and places I need to.

Here’s what you need to know before sending me an email:

  • I’m always accepting invitations for interviews, podcast appearances, etc., assuming it’s a good fit for both of us.
  • I am a disabled business owner — Please be flexible and patient when waiting for a reply to non-time-sensitive requests.
  • I rarely accept uncompensated requests for republication of my intellectual works, outside of the limitations of fair use.
  • I rarely consider invitations for in-person events or speaking that are uncompensated. Additionally, compensation for these events must consist of my speaking fee, as well as a separate fee to cover the costs of 1st class (or equivalent) travel, car transportation to and from the airport or train station (both ways), as well as the cost of two (2) days – a day before and after – the event in accommodations that are wheelchair accessible and have a soaking tub. If this is not within your budget, I am happy to make a virtual appearance at live events for the same amount as my in-person speaking fee, and negotiate an additional fee or profit sharing if the event will be rebroadcast or recorded and then placed behind a paywall for future access.

How To Get In Touch

If you’re like to get in touch, please send an email to admin[at], formatted accordingly:

  • Subject Line – Please start your subject line in all caps with one of the following: Customer Service, Testimonial/Kind Words, Technical Issue, Media/Speaking Request, Legal & Business, Other. Then type a dash. Then please note if your request is Time Sensitive/Not Time Sensitive. If the request is time sensitive, please also include RNB (Response Needed By): [date].

  • Identifying Information – Please include your full name, pronouns, any relevant professional title, a work phone number, and at least one verifiable place I can find you or your business online.

  • Your Message – Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Please only include relevant information and details I need to make a decision. Any abusive language or harassment will not be tolerated.

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