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Become A Patron

Hey hi hello – thank you so much for dropping by my site and enjoy my posts, I'm so glad you're considering becoming a paid subscriber! 😄

Over the years, I have had the imminent privilege of being supported directly by my readers and folks who experienced benefit from the various digital properties I've tended. Whether that's been through Patreon (I was a very early adopter), Substack (ditto), or BuyMeACoffee, I have always loved this model...but never could quiiiiiiiiite find the right fit for me, either due to platform politics or the limitations of their functionality. Which is a bummer, especially because my desire has always been to use these platforms to make it easier for me to write. I thought I had that in Substack, even with their egregious 20% take on paid memberships, know...they continually refuse(d) to stop platforming Nazis.

In Ghost, however, I have found a publishing platform that not only aligns with my values, but has the right combination of functionality + user experience to be a GREAT home for my creativity, as well as sharing my ongoing spiritual services, too. Not only that, due to the way Ghost structures their plans + my overhead costs, I am able to earmark 18% of my gross revenue to sponsor Mambo Chita Tann's Effective Spirits monthly service, which provides light, prayer, and offerings to participants ancestors on a sliding scale/fee-flexible basis, including free. I would normally offer this as part of my ongoing community work, but it's a little too much for me, and I have personally experienced the beauty + potency of this service, so I am glad to sponsor it!

In the next section, I will break down each of the types of benefits I offer to help you figure out which tier is right for you :)

Current Tiers

Tier 1 - $9 USD/month or $90 USD/year

In addition to supporting my writing & creative work, your membership includes:

  • Commenting privileges on my posts
  • Access to a full version of my monthly forecast with ancestral guidance, to help you build your luck + make the most of your magic
  • Access to my live Office & Social Hours to get advice and ask my opinion on spiritual subjects, as well as to connect with yours truly.


Tier 2 - $18 USD/month or $180 USD/year

In addition to supporting my writing & creative work, your membership includes:

  • Everything in Tier 1
  • Access to additional mini flashing reading/divination threads
  • Inclusion in monthly & quarterly group magic, as well as the ability to opt-in to additional magic as the opportunities arise


Tier 3 - $180 USD/month or $1800 USD/year

In addition to supporting my writing & creative work, your membership includes:

  • Everything in Tiers 1 & 2
  • Weekly Ancestor offerings + Road Opening work to support your luck
  • Acknowledgement at the bottom of every post I make for as long as you're a supporter (with your link of choice, subject to my discretion)


Current Subscriber Benefits

  • Commenting Privileges – The internet is full of bad faith weirdos, trolls, and losers who are secret fans. However, I love my life (and my healthy blood pressure!), so I restrict comments to patrons only.

  • Monthly Forecast w/ Ancestral GuidanceMy personal practice is heavily based in the communal, and this forecast is no exception. The public version of this forecast consists of general messages by one's core natal trine (sun, moon, & rising), but the in-depth reading for patrons also includes specific dates + ritual suggestions for how to make the most of the month magically.

  • Office & Social Hours While I am extensively well-read and have taken my fair share of courses, I learned magic by doing. There is a very large contingency of people who see the value in magic but don't have the time, energy, or gives a darn to devote themselves to magic as a craft and a spiritual discipline, but who value the work of skilled craftsfolk in this arena. However, labor is expensive, so learning how to effectively DIY your own strategy saves a bunch of time and headache. Magical strategy that combines practical steps with magical ones is, hands down, one of my favourite subjects to divine on. So, I host office hours where folks can come chat, share their questions, and get my opinion on how they can better use what magical knowledge they do have to get the most of it in their life + practice. I will also host Social Hours where folks can just come hang out, chat, and chill!

  • Community Magic – More the merrier! For several years, offering group ceremony and community magic has been one of my great joys. Once a month I perform Prosperity (Well-Doing) & Wealth (Well-Being), Cooling The Spirit (cleansing & purification), and Ancestral Elevation & Release (encouraging your ancestors to release any pain, suffering, etc., they had in their more recent life; preparing them to be helpful aids to you magically) work to form a solid basis for your magical life. In addition to these foundational practices, I will also be performing quarterly Dastardly Dead Disposal, which is focused on removing particularly pernicious, aggressive, and abusive dead from your lineage – known and unknown – with the help and support of the lesser known Egyptian goddess, Mafdet. 3D work is intended to help make working with your ancestors feel less daunting and terrifying. Outside of this monthly & quarterly maintenance work, I will also periodically offer other kinds of group ceremony as guided by the collective's ancestors and my own agenda.

  • Weekly Ancestor Feeding & Road Opening – The three basic practices I recommend all folks do is weekly offerings (to one's land spirits & ancestors), road opening (to remove obstacles & build up one's luck), as well as a simple salt bath. However, there are some folks who just don't have the time, energy, space, or privacy do that, so I am happy to take over the ancestor feeding & road opening for them. Once a week, I will prepare a spread for members' ancestors (as well as my own), with an individual beeswax tealight prepared and burned on each person's behalf, as well as a re-upping the ongoing Road Opening work that burns on the collective's behalf throughout my week during work days.

  • Acknowledgement – All paid subscribers at the topmost tier will be acknowledged (anonymously, with their initials, or with their full name) at the bottom of every post I share during your time as a subscriber to say thank you for your support. You may also include a link with your name (at my discretion.)

Necessary Disclaimers & Ethical Considerations

Before we get into the meat and potats of it all, here are some key things you should keep in mind before becoming a paid subscriber/patron...

  • Disability AccommodationsI have several health conditions that impact my energy levels and ability to function + focus. While I very much rapidly iterate on my own time and schedule, and have taken steps to systemize and design my business to play to my strengths, if you’re someone who likes to snap your fingers at expect them to respond with, “How high?” – I am not the professional for you. Same with creating interesting, impactful pieces of writing and art for you to engage with. I need a lot of downtime and space to operate at a sustainable, meaningful pace for me...not based on what capitalist overconsumption dictates.

  • Ethical ConsumptionIf you are feeling any sort of desperation, pressure, or coercion from me or any other influence to sign up for my offerings, please do not inquire about working with me or give me your money.  This also applies to making a purchase you cannot afford on a credit card out of guilt/shame/fear, or signing up for a service when you’re struggling to maintain your basics. You should be committed to prioritizing your financial wellness, BEFORE spending money with me. I know it’s very tempting to take that leap of faith, but please, DO NOT give me your business if it’s going to put you in financial distress. That’s not what these tools are for – they are meant to help improve your life, not make it more stressful! Signing up for any of my services under these conditions would not be good for me, and it definitely won’t be good for you, as that is not a prime zone for magic of any sort to work.

  • Terms & AgreementsPlease review carefully review my Lineage + Training page, Privacy Policy, Client Policies, Code of Ethics, and Terms of Service (which you can find on my "New? Start Here" page), the last four of which can be found linked at the bottom left-hand corner of every page of this site.

  • Ethical DisclaimersYou understand that while ritual, divination, and other spiritual tools are useful, meaningful mechanisms of self-discovery and artistic forms, they are best used in tandem with strategic and thoughtful tools and the guidance of licensed & trained professionals, where needed and is relevant. By law, I am required to state that the spiritual services I offer are for entertainment and personal enrichment only. As a result, when you invest in my work, you are paying for my time, wisdom, and experience as an artist, NOT for results. Any magical or spiritual practitioner who makes representations to you of 100% accuracy, 100% guarantee, etc., is a liar and a fraud. That is deeply unethical as well as objectively cruel. Additionally, this art requires you to take practical and/or magical action, consistently, and to challenge yourself to be available for new experiences and opportunities to arise, even if it’s taking a walk in a new-to-you park. If you don’t feel you have the capacity to do that right now (no shade or shame), this is not a good fit for you at this time.