Ancestral Energy Healing

Ancestral Energy Healing

Ancestral Energy Healing sessions are pretty simple: the goal is to bring relief and resolution to places in your energy + physical body where unresolved intergenerational tomfoolery, emotional pain, and other crossed conditions are stored.

The body stores memory of trauma and unexpressed emotions, and in my experience as a witch and a healer, this can oftentimes include the inherited traumas and unresolved mess of our ancestors (both living and deceased.) It is important to support surfacing and resolving these issues on both an allopathic (i.e., science-informed) and social-spiritual (i.e., energetic, ancestral, and psychical) contexts in order to promote our own well-being & well-doing in the world.

During your session, my partner RB (he/they) will intuitively to scan for and ameliorate issues connected with your energy & physical bodies. While they can and will happily look at specific areas of your body that are of concern if you have ongoing health challenges (they are not a licensed doctor or medical professional of any sort, they will never diagnose anything, etc.), they will specifically be looking for anything connected with your ancestral & intergenerational well-being that is ready to be remediated or released. This energy work is generally very gentle and easy on the body, however, in order to help the process along and to ensure no risks to safety such as sleepiness (I get sleepy whenever anyone does energy work on me!), RB prefers to work asynchronously and at night (around 9 PM Eastern Time), and on clients one at a time.

After this energy work is complete and RB has written up their notes, you will be sent a report detailing their findings + suggested action steps to support your integration and release as appropriate.

TL;DR - The Deliverables

  • A 45-minute, asynchronous energy work session + write-up facilitated by RB.
  • A PDF report with notes about your session + suggested action steps and further spiritual remediation advice divined by Bunny.

Your Investment: $360 USD

Everything costs somebody, someone, some being, something.

Poverty is not virtuous, and neither is being a billionaire.

Thus, as a functional member of this (does not have safety nets) society, we are obliged to ensure we situate ourselves somewhere in the spectrum between. We do this by not only thoroughly understanding ourselves so that we can form relationships of mutual care as professionals (and as people), but also to resource ourselves to maintain these relationships, including through the medium of ethical pay. By honoring the value of our labor, we are able to show up when urgent need arises in our communities, as well as being generous + flexible with those we are already in professional relationship with (that includes you!)

If for whatever reason you cannot use SendOwl (which partners with Stripe), we are happy to invoice you for a single payment utilizing our business banking partner, where you can pay via direct ACH transfer, PayPal, or Venmo.


Ancestral Energy Healings are scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays from 9 - 10 PM Eastern, but they are ASYNCHRONOUS, so you don't have a call to attend, etc. Our scheduler for these is for internal use only so you will not receive a link, only a confirmation for your calendar.

Please note that we do not offer last minute appointments, and you should expect to wait a minimum of one week for a session, depending on availability.

If you need (or want!) to cancel & reschedule, please give us at least 24 hours notice, if at all possible. We have an internal policy of unlimited rescheduling to honor Bunny's disabled, neurospicy life, but to protect ourselves, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances.

Session Availability

At the moment, Ancestral Energy Healing sessions are only available as part of our monthly Crab Rave events, or as part of Bunny's Ancestor Care work.

We occasionally open up the books for individual sessions for former clients, which includes Juno Jar service participants.

Professional Disclaimers + Ethics

The healing services and information offered via this website are not intended as a substitute for professional, medical, and/or psychiatric or therapeutic treatment and advice. You are responsible for your own medical treatment and care, fiscal responsibilities, business strategy, and/or other decisions, and you are voluntarily requesting spiritual services. Always consult with and defer to the expertise of your care team + licensed professionals for issues concerning physical + emotional well-being, and in all cases, it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed.

Ancestor & spiritual work are positive tools for inspiring creativity, focus, and clarity in one's life, as well as helping one find comfort and access one's inner resilience in moments of growth or challenged. Our work is solely offered in the spirit of those intentions, with the goal of supporting other avenues of practical action. No spiritual services or ancestor work can be guaranteed, and we make no specific claims or promises, and any testimonials or potential benefits outlined on this page or elsewhere are strictly anecdotal. Many benefits have been experienced by those who have interacted with our work, but understand that not all modalities will work for everyone or even at specific times, and we will work in good faith to the best of our ability to ensure you have a supportive experience. You are paying for our time, care, labor, expert knowledge, and technical skills, NOT results.