Ancestor Care Work

Ancestor Care Work

By long-time trade, I am a skilled diviner, ritualist, and ancestral witch. Most of my professional praxis is through a syncretized, Afro-Judeo wisdom tradition I am cultivating called Mzizi Udongo or Adamah Shoreshah (both literally meaning ‘root soil.’)

The worldview of Adamah Shoreshah is that we exist in a mycelial Interbeingness called Asiliya (alternatively, Abiya, the four olamot (worlds) of Kabbalah), that is an emanation of the Divine (Chanzoenye Kung’aa; Gxd; HaShem; Creation.) The threads of connection holding us all together within this mycelial interbeingness are known as nyuzi (also called fate hyphae, or fate patterns.) The nyuzi conceal Divine light, intelligence, and memory, and we are able to interact with them — and thus shape the manifestation of Asiliya – with our actions, both mundane and spiritual. This complex conception of the Universe is represented by a version of the Yowa, the Kongolese cosmogram, which I use to help determine what practical and spiritual actions are required to intervene on behalf of my clients.

My Ancestors have taught me that all flowering bodies of Asiliya (a.k.a., you, me, spirits, gods with little g, ancestors, etc.) have kiu (lit. ‘thirst’; wants, needs, and desires) that must be recognized and ameliorated in order to allow us to remember our inner Divine radiance, and to sustainably engage our place within Interbeingness, thus reflecting the Divine from which we all come. The more we neglect our own kiu, and/or do not balance it with concern for the kiu of Others (including the planet themself), the more discordant our existence, and the farther away from our natural state of holiness we find ourselves. Reunion and return to Chanzoenye Kung’aa (Creation) is inevitable, as there is no escaping or transcending the inherent Change of it all. But it is our job to ensure that while in a state of individuation we do not inflict, endure, or create excess pain and struggle for Others, as it is the same as inflicting that suffering upon ourselves. We are — individually and collectively — wholly responsible for understanding how we are situated with and within Asiliya in order to engage in repair, reconciliation, and reconnection, in the same ways Creation engages in reconnection, repair, and reconciliation with us throughout life, death, conception, and (re)birth.

Utilizing my Ancestors’ base teaching alongside my own human resourcefulness, I have begun forming a body and system of practice within MU/AS that reflects my unique spiritual inheritance and heritages, whose core, essential wisdoms are brought forth to serve the life I and those I serve live today.

How I Work With Clients

Adamah Shoreshah is an Earth-based form of Jewish practice, that is – by extension – also concerned with the well-being of our Ancestors.

Therefore, a significant amount of my time serving community directly is focused on supporting people in caring for, building relationships with, and addressing the needs of their dead (and the counterweight is transmuting it into interbeinged expressions of their own wants, needs, and desires, in relationship to community + the world as a whole.)

Here's a run down of the types of client cases I take on:

  • Dastardly Dead Disposal — I specialize in performing ancestral release, reconciliation, repair, and reconnection work that involves spirits who committed violent crimes (inc. sexual abuse & exploitation), war crimes & human rights abuses, domestic violence, and other similar acts while in life. The purpose of this work is to make it safe for my clients to be able to engage with the rest of their ancestral lineage, and to have the resources to engage in material political repair of the systems of oppression that may have aided and abetted their ancestors in doing aforementioned harm through resource redistribution and advocacy for systemic political change.

  • Ancestor Doula — I work with the souls of those who have passed under violent circumstances, or under other traumatic circumstances, such as suicide, accidental overdose, or rapid onset terminal illness. This work is done for the purpose of resolving intergenerational trauma that is actively creating disruption in the lives of my clients and interfering with their pursuit and fulfillment of their own kiu. This is a relatively common phenomenon, especially amongst people who do not have an ancestor care & relationship practice.

  • Psychopompy & Elevation Rites — I work with families in performing ritual to aid the recently deceased after a peaceful passing. For deceased within the last 90 days, I perform psychopomping (rituals guiding the dead to peacefulness in the Ancestral Realms), and for deceased within 3-11 months, I do ancestor elevation, a ritual intended to help them release their attachments to their former embodied live(s) as well as encouraging psychological, spiritual, and intellectual evolution so they may serve as beneficial and collaborative allies and accomplices to the living. I have a special focus on caring for children, including support for parents who have suffered miscarriage, as well as people who have had abortions, for any reason, and wish to treat this event as a child loss.

Payment & Exchange

Everything costs somebody, someone, some being, something.

Poverty is not virtuous, and neither is being a billionaire. Thus, as a functional member of this (does not have safety nets) society, I am obliged to ensure I situate myself somewhere in the spectrum between. I do this by not only thoroughly understanding myself so that I can form relationships of mutual care, but also to resource myself to maintain these relationships, including through the medium of ethical pay. By honoring the value of my labor, I am able to show up when urgent need arises in my communities, as well as being generous + flexible with those I am already in professional relationship with to ensure they get the most out of our time together.

My Ancestor Care Work services are offered FREE OF CHARGE to every client...with a catch.

I receive payment for this work in the form of positive spiritual merit, professional & personal networking, and gifts (monetary & non-monetary, including ongoing patronage), if clients choose to offer them. I expect none of these things from any clients I take on from Ancestor Care Work, but they are always appreciated. I am able to do this due to generosity from current & former clients, readers who believe in the value I offer to community, my husband's economic privilege + investment in me, as well as the fruit of my own labor from my other offerings, which are priced to include the cost of this community labor & act of love.

I also serve and support whomever my Ancestors welcome into my practice, but I also acknowledge the reality that folks are sometimes VERY disrespectful and shitty when they get support for free.

So, in order to preserve the equilibrium of this working relationship, I DO require that my clients make a donation to an organization dear to my heart before we work together.

Those organizations are The Snack Sack Mutual Aid, Accomplis Collective, or We Make The Path CIC (full disclosure: I'm on the board.) The minimum amount of this donation is at least $18 USD.

Requirements To Work With Me

I serve and support whomever my Ancestors welcome into my practice, because they can see blessings and opportunities I may not.

However, please do not fill out my inquiry form until you feel prepared to engage the work and act practically on your own behalf. Please do not waste your time, my time & energy, or the time, energy, and efforts of my Ancestors if you do not have capacity to challenge your self-perception and to experience change right now. That is wildly disrespectful and uncool AF.

Additionally, if you are unwilling to engage in the personal work of unlearning internalized white supremacy, capitalism, and cis-hetero patriarchy, etc., please see yourself to the door. Furthermore, as a deeply spiritual human being who values my Jewish community and culture, I do not work with any individuals who engage in any form of proselytization or attempts to convert other people to their spiritual path. Don't even try it.

I also require Ancestor Care Work to sign a consulting agreement, indemnity waiver, and an NDA. The paperwork outlines the basics of our agreements and ensures mutual confidentiality, etc. Outside of that, everything else about our time together is tailored to our individually negotiated agreement and what you need, want, and desire, intersected what I love and am skilled + authorized to share.

The Next Steps

Inquiry forms are reviewed within three (3) to ten (10) business days. Please be patient.

  1. Familiarize yourself with ALL of my professional policies and who I am as a person. You can find all the important things here: Code of Ethics, Client Policies, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy.

  2. Concisely + clearly fill out my Client Inquiry Form. Be honest and candid. It's long and very involved on purpose. If you can't get through the form, you are likely not in a space where I can support you effectively.

  3. Be patient. Bothering me will get you nowhere, expeditiously, except my blacklist. I'm disabled and enjoy living my life at a languid pace. You'll come to appreciate my knack for providential timing.

  4. I will perform a brief divination to see if I can accept you as a client before I read all of your answers.

  5. If the answer is yes, I'll send you my client forms & further instructions for remitting your receipt as proof of payment. If it's a no, it's nothing personal. I will let you know and release you back into the wild with my blessing. You can inquire again in 30 days, and I will even schedule a follow-up email to reach out to you then, too.

  6. Once you've paid + filled out my client paperwork, you can pop yourself on my calendar...and away we'll fly.

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Professional Disclaimers + Ethics

The healing services and information I offer via my website are not intended as a substitute for professional, medical, and/or psychiatric or therapeutic treatment and advice. You are responsible for your own medical treatment and care, fiscal responsibilities, business strategy, and/or other decisions, and you are voluntarily requesting spiritual services. Always consult with and defer to the expertise of your care team + licensed professionals for issues concerning physical + emotional well-being, and in all cases, it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed.

Ancestor & spiritual work are positive tools for inspiring creativity, focus, and clarity in one's life, as well as helping one find comfort and access their inner resilience in moments of growth or challenged. My work is solely offered in the spirit of those intentions, with the goal of supporting other avenues of practical action. No spiritual services or ancestor work can be guaranteed, and I make no specific claims or promises, and any testimonials or potential benefits outlined on this page or elsewhere are strictly anecdotal. Many benefits have been experienced by those who have interacted with my work, but understand that not all modalities will work for everyone, and I work in good faith to the best of my ability. You are paying for my time, care, labor, expert knowledge, and technical skills, NOT results.